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For my first novel, I imagined Whittier/Mayberry 25+ years in the future if the oil in our hills could be recovered with no environmental issues. I also researched the bigger issue of climate change and energy policy. The world I created and some of its characters are the basis of some of my long fiction including Quantum Chiller and Cyberbully Blues.

My goal in writing is to tickle your imagination by creating a continuous vivid dream that conveys an eventful and meaningful story.

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Speaking and More

As much as the world might need another dystopian cautionary tale, on the whole, my fiction is optimistic. Basing my writing on my lovely city of Whittier seems fitting. Unfortunately for life, but great for writing, even idyllic suburban utopias have unseemly underbellies, which provide a basis for some of the plots that play out.

Speaking about my fiction and real life is something I love to do. Contact me to see if my talks on "Discover Mayberry" might be of interest to your organization.

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