Rubin Johnson, Dog Trainer

Competitive Dog Obedience

We had a chance to see Finn not long after he was born in July 2018, although he didn't join our family until he was 8 weeks old. We'd not had a puppy since Hunter, who was born on 9/11/2001. Both are Chesapeake Bay retrievers; Hunter's father was Finn's grandfather. Dog training has evolved much over that time span, although the changes have not been embraced uniformly.

After working with Finn's first dog obedience instructor, I wanted to write a book explaining those methods. After some research, it became apparent those ideas were neither original, nor new. Finn and I took several other classes (obedience, advanced obedience, agility, and more obedience) from a variety of instructors. We also experimented on our own based on techniques from the 1800s, military training manuals, clicker training books, and various youtube channels...

Now, we are embarking on a path toward Companion Dog via AKC obedience trials. Wish us luck!

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