Well Oiled

Well Oiled: A Mayberry Multisport Adventure (5th edition) by Rubin Johnson

Now in print, a novel for teens and their parents, Well Oiled is high tech Hardy boys in the near future (2041) as told in a style that is a cross between Neal Stephenson (quirky) and Herman Melville (didactic - i.e. the cetology parts).

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It's 2041 in the potentially oil-rich southern California town of Mayberry. Cousins and triathletes, Joey and Frank, are in the throes of deciding about colleges and careers. At a triathlon, they make a new friend, Kodi, a triathlete and geocacher. Their world is rocked when they stumble on information that may explain the mysterious death of Frank's father ten years ago. 

Follow the cousins on two distinct Campbellian journeys through California, Mexican caves, and cyberspace as they try to unravel a mystery. Be thrilled as they try to follow the money through arcane bitcoin cyber-currency transactions involving mysterious foundations. Ponder the impact of Stabilization of Life unit medical technology. Check out how new drilling technology and oil money create havoc in an idyllic small town.