Dark and Cold

Dark and Cold is a novella based on true events of an adventure in Africa in 1982. It is told in fictional form by Grandpa Will addressing his grandchildren in 203x. This framing allows additional information to be brought in. This story was first written not long after it happened. This version also includes new information from a diplomat who helped this American overcome these troubles in Rwanda.

"I knew there would be trouble as soon as I saw MPs pointing at me and my camera. Little did I know I would spend so many days and nights in a crowded jail cell in the small African country of Rwanda and have my head filled with so many memories of dark and cold. This is my story."

A young Black American is imprisoned in the small African country of Rwanda. He learns firsthand how discrimination and terror transcend race. This encounter foreshadows the genocide of Tutsis in the 1990s. This story is based on true events.