“Tri-Hard” is the story of the transformation of Carly Nelson, an out-of-shape young woman who signs up to enter a triathlon as the consequence of losing a bet. This sports-oriented love story is filled with helpful tips on training for and competing in triathlons and on giving better massages. For more info - just click here or on the image below!

Warning: Contains sexual references, sexual scenes, and adult language. 

Carly is a stellar nursing student at UCI until having to drop out for financial reasons. Her boyfriend Rodney stays in Irvine to finish his M.B.A. but Carly moves to La Mirada, CA to work as a masseuse and share a studio apartment with her friend Janice. After losing a push-up contest in a bar bet with women from the Tri-Hard triathlon club, Carly must sign up for a triathlon herself. She begins to train for the race with help from Jeremy Ryder, a 3rd year UCLA medical student and competitive triathlete. Rodney has decimated Carly's self-esteem during their time together, but all the workouts with Jeremy and the other Tri-Hards re-charges her confidence. After a bike crash lands Carly in the emergency room and prevents her from fulfilling the bet to do a reverse sprint triathlon, Carly boldly decides to enter an Ironman. Meanwhile, Rodney is out for revenge against Jeremy for stealing his girlfriend, and plans to sabotage the race for both of them.